How it Works

How do you communicate with Divine Solutions for Business?

Divine Solutions is offering several ways for communication: Email and One-to-One online chat. Consultation is only done in the One-to-One online chat (Fee applies).

  • Email

You have read the website and you have couple of questions before using the One-to-One online chat. Divine Solutions is offering a 10 minute refund of $10.00 if you have questions before starting the consultation session. You can reach out to Divine Solutions via the contact form.

  • One-to-One Online Chat

To initiate a chat session, check the Live Support button located below. The “Online” status means the chat is available for consultation. If it is showing “Offline”, it means consultation is not available at this time

Select a chat session time (10 or 20 minutes), click on the “Live Support Online” button,and you will be directed to Paypal to make your payment. Paypal will direct you to Divine Solutions’ chat room once the payment process is complete. The chat room is secured during the consultation. If you have questions about the service and you paid for your consultation session, Divine Solutions will refund you $10.00 as a 10 minute free session for questions.

Select Chat Session Time