Divinity or Spirituality is a topic that most people will not talk about. Just because it is not discussed, does not mean it doesn’t exist. Some people have divine abilities to foresee future events or premonitions while others may have the senses for positive and negative energy around them. There are some people who are good with numbers that they can analyze or calculate in their mind within seconds. No one knows how they get these abilities. An individual does not need to have a college degree or established human educational background to receive them. Those that have spiritual abilities do not publicize or talk about these gifts because they are ridiculed and criticized or consider them as hoaxes and manipulations of people’s sensibilities.

No matter what your faith is, there is no denying that there is something powerful and divine in the universe influencing and making our daily life possible: the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we live on. What about the times that you missed an accident or a major disastrous problem by a second and called it “Luck”? It was not luck; it was divine intervention that saved you from that accident or disastrous problem. It is humanly incomprehensible for us to understand the universe around us or how it truly functions. 

Today, our lives have more uncertainties, complications, and stress than years before due to the current nature of business and the workplace we work in. Sometimes, human advice is not enough and finding someone with special abilities who truly understands are very hard to find. This is where Divine Solutions come in. Divine Solutions can consult with you on how to improve your business or business plans. Do you feel like your business relationship is not advancing as you would like to? Are you feeling like something is preventing you from succeeding in your business? Why not give Divine Solutions a try!

How it Works

How do you communicate with Divine Solutions for Business?

Divine Solutions is offering several ways for communication: Email and One-to-One online chat. Consultation is only done in the One-to-One online chat (Fee applies).

  • Email

You have read the website and you have couple of questions before using the One-to-One online chat. Divine Solutions is offering a 10 minute refund of $10.00 if you have questions before starting the consultation session. You can reach out to Divine Solutions via the contact form.

  • One-to-One Online Chat

To initiate a chat session, check the Live Support button located below. The “Online” status means the chat is available for consultation. If it is showing “Offline”, it means consultation is not available at this time

Select a chat session time (10 or 20 minutes), click on the “Live Support Online” button,and you will be directed to Paypal to make your payment. Paypal will direct you to Divine Solutions’ chat room once the payment process is complete. The chat room is secured during the consultation. If you have questions about the service and you paid for your consultation session, Divine Solutions will refund you $10.00 as a 10 minute free session for questions.

Select Chat Session Time

Schedule an Appointment

Appointment Calendar

  • Divine Solutions offers chat sessions “by appointment only” to avoid waiting time.
  • Consultations are available when the “Live Support” button is Online.
  • Booking Calendar is easy to use to schedule an appointment.

Scheduling Instructions

  • Click on a date in the calendar.
  • Select a time block from the “Time Slots” drop down menu.
  • Fill out the information below the calendar.
  • Click the “Send” button.
  • A message will appear that your request was sent.
  • You will receive your appointment confirmation within 24 hours.
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If you have any questions or concerns, please fill out the contact form below.




The sole purpose of this website is to offer spiritual consultation to individuals seeking advice relating to business, business startup, business planning, and life balance.

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